Raku Donut Gorgeous Metallic


Wheel thrown and Raku glazed and fired

This shape is made with one ball of clay, pulling up two walls, and then blending them together to form a donut. The foot and spout are also thrown on the wheel and attached later

This is a matte glaze that uniquely shines and reflects every color of the rainbow depending on how the light hits it

Raku is a unique process where the pots are removed from the kiln at 1800F degrees and plunged into pails of combustible newspapers or sawdust which flare up, burning away the oxygen when the lid is closed, and resulting in the metallic effect of the glaze. The pots are then immediately dunked in water to enhance the appearance
The overall effects are very random, unpredictable and always beautiful

Raku pots are not waterproof due to the nature of the cracks in the glaze but may be used for decorative purposes alone or to display dried flowers or other materials
Dimensions: 8.25″H x 6.75″W x 1.75″D


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